Sell My House Quickly Please won the prestigious EHP Property Buyer of the Year way back in 2010. Since then we have been buys helping loads of property sellers.

For many London property sellers, and for that matter, property sellers across the entire country, a problematic property or high mortgage has translated in a non selling property. Many sellers, despite even implementing price reductions, have been well sitting despite a strong sales market.

The smart sellers are waking up and looking for more effective ways of getting their property sold, within a short period of time. Sell My House Quickly Please has been at the cutting edge of utilizing systems that help London sellers to sell quickly, and at a price they are happy with, that is congruent with the state of the economy. Many sellers now realise that the main problem that is causing their property to remain unsold is that;

1)      Either the banks are not lending or

2)      Buyers don’t have a big enough deposit to buy or

3)      A combination of the 2 problems above.

Sell My House Quickly Please won their London Property Buyer of the Year way back in 2010 by utilising strategies to get sellers London properties sold in record times by adjusting to the current market, and tackling the main limiting factors head on. By addressing buyer’s inability to get mortgages or save big enough deposits, they were able to find powerful solutions around these problems, and buy or assist sellers to sell their properties quickly at prices they were happy with, despite a problematic property.