Want to know how to sell your house for more money? The trick to sell your property quickly and for more money has little to do with how shiny your floor boards are, and everything to do with how easy you make it for your buyers to buy.

If you are a London landlord and you want to sell your London property, imagine if you could receive the following benefits while your property is selling;

1)      Receive a monthly cash flow without the hassles of tenants

2)      Have no cost to pay until your sale completes

3)      No mortgage payments

4)      No maintenance costs

5)      No service charges

6)      No voids

7)      No tenant issues

8)      Sell your property for free (no fees and no commissions)

9)      Sell your property for a higher price

Sound too good to be true? Think again, because there is now a way that allows you to transfer the hassles of being a landlord and looking after tenants, to putting a tenant buyer into your property that will look after all the above features, and give you a much higher sale price for your property. So you get a sale price that might be up to 110% of todays value, with all the above features. Sounds tempting right?

Well the alternative is to sell your property through an esate agent, pay large commission fees, wait for months and months for someone to buy, and then discount your property sale price to get them to say yes. It is a difficult choice to make I’m sure, but if you are a smart landlord looking to sell your property quickly and also sell your house for the higest price possible, you have come to the right place.

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