I can’t sell my house, how do I sell my house when no one can get a mortgage?

You have a few options if you are unable to sell your house. You can;

1)      Reduce the sale price; this is a good starting point. If your property is over priced, you probably will not even get people coming to view it. If you have had your property on the market for 4 weeks or more and you have not even had 1 viewer come and see your property, then you can be pretty sure your agent has over priced the property. Most buyers will not even come to view a property if they feel the price is too high for the value it offers. Reducing the price can naturally stimulate more interest if you have had little so far. The problem with reducing your property sale price is that if your mortgage is high, you will have little or no equity to allow for a reduction.

2)      Renovate the property; if you have the time, money and patience, this is a good idea. A renovation can always add value, and most buyers are lazy so they would usually prefer to pay for a renovation in a purchase price than do it themselves. Just be warned though, renovations can be one of the most stressful things that may happen to you, so it’s not for the faint hearted.

3)        Improve your marketing; If you are selling through an agent, most will actually cover this pretty well. Almost all marketing these days is done through the internet, so if you are not on here, you should be.

4)      Transfer the mortgage payments to someone else; this is little know about, but if you can’t sell your property, there is the option to simply transfer the mortgage payments over to someone else. This is done through a specialist solicitor to ensure a smooth transaction, but it is actually a good solution if you are unable to sell, you have little or no equity, and you are unable to pay your mortgage debts.

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