You may have thought that London quick house sales were a thing of the past. For most sellers unfortunately they are. There are loads of reasons (most of which are excuses rather than factual reasons) why London property sales have slowed down.

Many sellers blame their lack of a sale on their estate agent.  If sellers don’t get a sale, the poor estate agents are usually the first to cop the blame. Sometimes they are responsible. Sometimes, agents will recommend an unrealistic selling price, just to get a sellers listing. Then over time, the estate agent will condition their sellers into accepting a lower sale price.

But irrespective of who is at fault, to generate a quick house sale in this economic environment, you need to do things differently. The times have changes and estate agents are no longer the best means of a sale for many sellers. Many property owners across London and further afield need quick house sales in order to offset their debt and to stop a bad situation becoming worse. So here are our top 2 recommendations;

1)      Sell to a property buying company. Property buying companies like ours can facilitate a super quick sale, without any wasting of time. Sell My House Quickly Please do not need to rely on the bank for finance, and as we buy London properties with cash, the property sales can go through at record seeds, with no catches if need be.

2)       Restructure your sale so you make it easier for buyers to buy, and it will in turn become easier for you to sell. At the moment most buyers are unable to either save a large enough deposit, or unable to simply qualify for a mortgage. Why not make it easier for buyers to buy, without the need for them to have a large deposit or even get bank finance. Sell My House Quickly Please will show you how to do this.

If you want to generate London quick house sales, contact Sell My House Quickly Please and we will either buy your property or help you to restructure the way you are selling, in order to get your house sold today.

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