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    Stop Repossession, Debt Problems, Negative Equity, Non Selling Property

    There may be good reasons why you just want out of your property fast! You can now simply transfer your property and mortgage responsibilities over to us if you need a fast exit. Here are some reasons why this may be a viable option for you to consider;

    a) Can’t afford the mortgage; the risk of repossessions are always problematic. Once you miss one or more payments, your credit score can become tarnished, making it more difficult to apply for future credit cards, loans and even rental property. If you allow your property to be repossessed, there is next to no lending institution that will be likely to offer you a mortgage in the future, and you will have a black mark against you name for years to come.

    If you can’t afford to pay your mortgage, you have mounting arrears building up, and have been unable to sell your property quickly for a price high enough to clear your mortgage, you can now simply transfer you arrears and mortgage over to us, we will help with mortgage payments and babysit the property, covering all costs including mortgage, maintenance, insurance, service charges, until we are able to sell it down the track. Not only will this stop repossession but it also means that we can save you within a very short time from being repossessed and the stigma that goes with that, but because we make the payments on your property on time every time, you will also correct and boost your credit rating.

    b) Bad Memories; Some people just need to get out of their property as they have bad memories associated with the property. Perhaps a loved one who is now deceased lived in the property with them, or perhaps an ex-partner. Some people cannot sell fast enough and just want to get rid of the property and move on with their lives.

    We have seen many cases of divorce where ex-partners are too emotional to even discuss an amicable solution; there is little if any equity in the property and they just want the property gone! They cannot sit through a long drawn out emotional sale using the traditional estate agents. They simply need an immediate solution.

    Sell My Property Quickly Please can offer an immediate sale solution for bad memories and allow sellers to move on with their life. We will simply transfer the legal responsibilities of your mortgage payments to us, and take care of the property until we can sell it down the track.

    c) Property Not Selling; Many problematic properties across the UK have been sitting on the market for sale with estate agents for months and some for years. Despite sellers engaging the use of multiple agents, the property still fails to sell. In the meantime, the seller may have moved on and could be paying 2 mortgages, or their old mortgage and their new rental property rent. Worse still, many sellers need to sell as they can’t afford their mortgage payments and they have been unsuccessful in selling their homes.

    If you have been asking yourself the question “I can’t sell my house, and I can’t pay my mortgage, what do I do?” and you need a quick exit, maybe it’s time to consider a different approach.

    Sell My House Quickly Please can step in, and help with mortgage payments and make the mortgage payments on your behalf, and take care of the problem property until we are able to sell it down the track. This can solve many problems, and allow for sellers to finally move on with their lives. For more information on how to sell a non selling property, fill in the form to the side now.

    d) Negative Equity or No Equity in your property; it is estimated millions of property owners in the UK have no equity or “cash bit” in their property. If this is your situation, and there is simply not enough money in your property, you may find it very difficult to sell. If you were to discount your property, it would mean that you would walk away from it still owing the bank money.

    Sell My House Quickly Please now has an award winning solution to this problem, where you can literally transfer the responsibility of the mortgage over to us, and finally walk away from a negative equity property. To find out more information on how to get out of negative equity fill it the form now and we will contact you to discuss your options.

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