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    How we get you more money and quicker, FEE FREE!

    We will either buy your property or help you sell your property quickly Fee Free and for a higher sale price using the fast track sales system.

    There are lots of buyers who want to become home owners, have great incomes, but just don’t have a big enough deposit at the moment. Banks insist on buyers having upwards of 20% deposits before they loan money. That rules out about 98% of people in the UK right now who don’t have the £50,000 plus cash needed to buy an averaged priced property valued at £200,000.

    We market for buyers who have a smaller deposits and are able to make monthly payments to you until they can cash you out the balance within a short period of time, enabling you to end up with a lot more money over all in your pocket.


    Get a higher property sale price paid in regular monthly instalments

    If you want all your money instantly, the fact is that you will probably walk away with a lot less money in your pocket. If you want or need a cash sale to draw the equity out you have in a property today, you will be targeting either;


    • The 2% of the population who have a large enough deposit to buy through a bank
    • Or property buying companies

    Either way, both groups of buyers will try to negotiate a discount. Why would a buyer purchase your property for more money than the repossessed property next door, or your neighbour who has reduced the price of their property for a fast sale?

    If you want to compete in this market for your property sale, don’t compete on price, as you will end up losing money. Restructure the way you sell the property, and walk away with significantly more money.

    So, yes you would be correct in saying “but I don’t get all my money up front.” As we have now shown, if you want all the money today, you will end up with a lower sale price.

    If you want to make significantly more money, and are happy to wait for your investment to ripen, we can deliver you this in a totally secure manner.

    Just like investing in shares, you generally make more money when you have more time invested. Unlike investing in shares, with our system you know the exact amount of money you are going to get from day one, as there are no surprises.

    Also, we get paid by the buyer coming in for selling your property, as they are usually so happy to get a foot on the property ladder that they pay us for our work, so you don’t need to put your hand into your pocket usually!

    If you want to sell and make more money from your property, please fill in the form now so we can discuss the exact money you could expect to be able to generate for the restructured and smart sale of your property.

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