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    Property Not Selling?

    It is not unusual for a problematic property to sit on the market across the UK with multiple estate agents listing it for months if not years.

    For a property that is not selling, we can offer you the following options;


    1. quick cash sale of your property – we specialize in quick house sales and help you sell house fast in London at Sell My House Quickly Please
    2. higher sale amount of up to 110% of today’s market price
    3. A simple transfer so we pay your mortgage



    Despite what you may have been told, do not believe the following;


    1. The main reason your property is not selling is because your price is too high (assuming you have a fair market price)
    2. The second reason your property is not selling is because of its condition
    3. The third reason your property is not selling is because of its location.



    The only reason your property has not sold so far is because buyers can’t get mortgages.

    Your estate agent will give you all sorts of excuses why your property is not selling. The fact is that if mortgages were easier to get, your property would probably have sold 5 times over by now. Just take pre 2007 as an example. In 2006/2007, the property market was so hot, that property was barely sitting on the market for 1 month before being snatched up by hungry buyers. The reason all property in all locations and all conditions sold so well during this period was that “if you could fog a mirror, you could get a loan.” If a buyer had a heart beat, they would qualify for a mortgage! You could even get 100% mortgages, which meant you didn’t even need a deposit to buy!

    Now times have changed.

    So you ask the question “I can’t sell my house so what do I do?” or “I need to sell my house fast

    If you want to sell house quickly, Here is what will make NO Difference; enlist additional estate agents! Most agents have access to most of the web portals for advertising property, and since around 90% of buyers now come from the web, having additional estate agents will have little if any positive effect on your sale.

    Adding additional estate agents or just changing your existing agent is simply repeating the same non-performing process and expecting a different outcome.

    If you want a different outcome from a non selling property, it might be time to consider a different system that leads to a different result.

    By changing the way you sell your property and making it easier for the buyers to buy, it becomes easier for the sellers to sell.

    We have sold properties that have been sitting on the market with multiple agents for over a year, for up to 30% more than the agents had the properties listed for, within a 10th of the time the agent had the property listed. Our fastest sale we have made took place within 1 hour of the “For Sale” sign going up.

    Would you like to sell your property in 1 hour? How would that make you feel?

    By restructuring the way your property is sold, making it easy for buyers to buy, without needing to qualify for a mortgage, if you are looking to sell house quickly we can have your property sold within a seriously short period of time, and usually for more money! If you are interested in learning how to restructure your property sale and get it sold quickly then click here to – find out how we can get you more money and quicker, fee free.

    We can either buy your property off you directly, or assist you sell it to others, in a way that will have it sold and off the market in no time at all. Either way, you sell your house FEE FREE to you, as we get paid by the buyer coming into your property.

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