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    Do you have the time and patience to go through a standard estate agent sale, or do you want or need to sell your property quickly?

    It is standard in the UK for a property sale to take anywhere between 2 to 6 months. A standard estate agent transaction takes the following steps:


    1. Time to find an estate agent who promises to get you the highest amount of money
    2. Doing the paperwork with the estate agent
    3. Getting the photos, room plan and EPC for your property paid for and done
    4. Marketing your property on all the main web portals
    5. Sending 1 viewer after the next into see your property
    6. Constantly tidy and clean your property before the next viewer arrives
    7. When you do finally get an interested party, you need to go through what may be a lengthy negotiation with the buyer, as they try to discount your price
    8. Then once an agreement is made, the buyer tries to get finance
    9. Surveys are instructed
    10. If you’re lucky, the buyer gets finance and exchange and completion occurs several months down the track.

    And of course this is ALL dependant on the fact that the buyer is able to get finance. If the buyer is rejected by the bank, guess what? You need to go through the entire process again!!

    There is another way…

    Sell My House Quickly Please can offer you a fast cash sale for your property. If you want or need to sell your house fast, fill in the form now as we buy property fast.

    Sell My House Quickly Please will buy;
    • Any property
    • Any location within the UK
    • Any price
    • Any condition

    Weather you have a small studio apartment or a massive 7 bedroom mansion, we are interested.

    Location is not of concern to us as we have a large number of agents in most areas of the UK and can still purchase your property quickly and easily.

    We buy property in any condition, so don’t worry about renovating. Renovations are costly in time, stress levels and expenses. If you just want a fast sale for your property don’t have the money or patience to renovate, we will buy any property in any condition.

    Sell My House Quickly Please can offer you;

    Speed: we can buy at a pace that suits your time frame. If you need a quick property sale to prevent repossession or you are moving overseas, we can move as quickly as you need us to.

    Certainty: rest assure that if we say we are going to buy your property, you can consider your house sold. With such a high rate of sales falling through with estate agents, coming directly to our property buying company will ensure you peace of mind.

    Flexibility: every seller’s situation is unique and may require a different solution. We have the experience and flexibility to make your property sale an easy one for you.

    No Commissions or Fee: The price we offer you for your property is the end amount of money you put into your pocket. We pay all of your costs including solicitors.

    Fair: if you want certainty and speed we give you a fair price based on this. Our cash offers are usually between 65% and 85% of market value, if you want all the cash or the sale to complete in a short period of time. As you will get certainty and speed, we do ask for a discount on the purchase price in return. If you need more than we can offer you for a cash sale, and time is on your side, you may be interested in our other purchase systems where you get up to 110% of market value.

    Some Now, Some Later: If you want a cash sale and need to get your hands on some cash ASAP, you have not had any decent offers from any other buyers, we can offer you a fast and easy cash sale where you will get more than our standard cash purchase. We deliver it to you in 2 cheques through your solicitor, one now and one at a later stage. It means you still benefit from our speed and certainty and can end up with more than you otherwise would, paid over a prearranged period of time with the security of solicitors acting in your best interests.

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