Can’t afford to pay my mortgage?

Times are tough with high unemployment rates and spiralling personal debt. Many London home owners are now in a situation where they are cannot afford to pay their mortgage as their paid work has run out or they have been made redundant with job cuts. Although home owners have the best intentions, sometimes life gets in the way and prevents best intentions happening and mortgages being paid.

Up to now, the only solution available to London home owners who can’t afford their mortgage payments was to rent their property out. The problem with this is that if owners have missed a few mortgage payments, a rental amount will rarely make up the difference of one or two missed mortgage payments. If you have more significant mortgage areas that you are unable to pay, you need to look for another solution before the bank steps in and repossesses. The problem is further compounded when home owners who have mortgage arrears try to sell their property to get out of a bad situation, but struggle to find buyers because the sale price they require to clear their mortgage is higher than property values buyers are willing to pay.

So what is the answer to your question “I can’t pay my mortgage and I need to sell my house quickly, what do I do?”

Sell My House Quickly Please have a unique system that allows you to offload your London property and mortgage responsibilities within as little as 1 hour. There is no need to be threatened by a pending repossession any longer. Speak to us at Sell My House Quickly Please and have your next mortgage payment come out of our pocket rather than yours. Sell My House Quickly Please will step in, and make your mortgage payments for you this month and every month until they are able to sell your property. You no longer need to wait until you are able to get your property sold in this slow moving property market. If you need a quick result and the mortgage paid sooner rather than latter to prevent repossession, act before it is too late. The solicitor always oversees the process so you know it is safe and effective.

Don’t delay and bury your head in the sand if you can’t afford your mortgage. Transfer the payments to us and we will babysit it all!